Our Team

Dr. Yossi Chalamish, M.D.

Yossi was trained as a medical doctor. Having gained a post-doctorate in brain research from the Weizmann institute, he has been working as a brain researcher and clinical hypnotist for over a decade. He works passionately to apply the findings of brain research for the improvement of overall wellbeing.

Ramon Velleman
Co- Founder

Ramon is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and researcher. Prior to co-founding Brainways, he worked for 15 years as the director of two leading schools of Chinese Medicine in Israel. In addition to clinical practice, he has had a long-term interest and involvement in preventative medicine, and in increasing wellbeing as a means of improving health.

Dr. Balthazar Roy Tirosh, M.D
Scientific Consultant

After graduating with honours from the Hebrew University medical school, Dr. Tirosh worked with high-tech companies that combine technology with medicine in various areas such as sleep medicine and cardiology. Over the past few years he has been teaching Western medicine in alternative medicine institutions. He has joined Brainways as a course facilitator and lecturer.