Brainways Gym

Improving Brain Functions in the Brainways Gym 

Fascinated by the state-of-the-art knowledge we have gained in neuroscientific research, we decided to create a space dedicated to making this knowledge accessible to the public and contribute to improving brain function in our daily lives.

Brainways was established in 2015 by Dr. Yossi Chalamish, a physician and neuroscientist specialized in memory research, along with other experts in the field of brain function. Through providing lectures on neuroscientific subjects to thousands of listeners, the Brainways team began developing applications for personal and inter-personal self-amelioration. In this vein, Brainways have recently created a virtual gym club for daily brain practice.

Current neuroscientific knowledge and prolonged life expectancy compel us to learn how to use our brain's ability to rejuvenate. The goal is to be creative, maintain a supportive and interesting social network, and to bring interest and curiosity into our lives.

The Brainways training program rose to the challenge and developed a Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program aimed at memory improvement and developing positive thought patterns. It is based on current neuroscientific knowledge, particularly brain plasticity research. Those have proved the efficiency of digital training programs, both cognitive and emotional, designed for handling daily tasks, improving memory and attention processes, slowing down mental deterioration and reducing dejection and other negative emotions.

The program deals with some of the questions we all face: how to prevent anxiety? How to improve memory? How to alleviate loneliness? How to renew our passion for life and learn to enjoy ourselves?

The Brainways gym offers weekly training episodes. Every episode includes:

  • A scientific explanation on the neural processes underlying various mental experiences. Explanations are simple and humorous.
  • Exercises and training methods that will help you and your loved ones promote your cognitive and emotional skills, develop memory and improve emotional management.

The program is personal and modular, allowing participants to adjust it to their needs and pace.

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